What Industries Use Tooling Board?

Tooling board, also called model board are effectively machinable slabs are used to produce master models and prototype tooling. They were developed decades ago to replace traditional wire, plaster and clay model techniques. Tooling board consists of filled polymer materials which can be bonded together to form larger blocks. This is often shaped using CNC machining techniques.

Although you won’t see tooling board products directly, they usually are behind the manufacturers in a wide range of commercial environments and in day-to-day life.

Tooling Board & Model Board


Epoxy tooling board products are widely used in the motorsport sector. These include car racing such as Formula 1. They are mainly used to develop and test new prototype designs before the final product is built.


Aerospace makes use of tooling board in the design and production of aircraft interiors and exteriors. They help develop new materials and make upcoming aircrafts more efficient and lighter.


Automotive widely uses tooling board in concept car modelling, to show mock-ups of upcoming car designs. Polyurethane styling boards help bring designs to life.

Industrial & Foundry

Tooling board in industrial sectors can withstand the demands of tough applications. High-temperature epoxy can be heated to very high temperatures making an excellent choice.


The Marine industry assists in producing commercial and leisure boats, such as interior designs and help improve high-performance marine yachts.


tooling board in motorsport