Walk In Chiller Room

Why should I invest in a bespoke cold room?

Many businesses require storage for their products whether they be food items, pharmaceuticals or beverages. These cold rooms need to be accessible and they need to fit all necessary product in to be stored. Consequently, lots more businesses than ever are investing in bespoke walk-in chiller rooms to house their produce. They are also looking to rent rather than buy due to sheer cost, however, that’s another blog post! This blog post will talk you through the benefits of investing in a bespoke walk-in chiller room will be the best thing for your business.


A walk in chiller room provides greater access to the owner than a normal chiller or chest fridge. Being able to walk into the room means you can access any item without moving things around or having to reorganise your chiller, back to the way it was before you got involved. This is especially useful in the catering industry when what is taken out is dependent on what is ordered.

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It is much easier to organise a bespoke walk-in chiller room as you will be able to think about the storage facilities such as drawers and racks before having it installed. This means that your entire cold storeroom will be organised with the intention of being organised by you. This works particularly well if you are a small company with different products in one room as you can dedicate each section to each product.

The bespoke cold storage solution also works well with sell-by dates as you can organise the storage facility in such a way that the products that need to be used first can be at the front of the fridge.

Fits your products perfectly

By choosing a bespoke walk-in chiller room, you are getting a cold room built to your specification exactly. The racking and other storage facilities will fit your product to the exact measurement making the process more efficient and saving you costs in the long run. It also maximises the space you have if everything is built to exact measurements.

So, if you are considering installing a bespoke cold room, do it today! There are numerous advantages that we can guarantee you will not regret it.